Robo Fuk Unisex Adjustable Sex Machine

robo-fukRobofuk Sex Machine (£319)

An amazing new sex machine has arrived in the UK that can be used by both men and women!

This hands free robotic fucking machine has two different attachments – a dildo and a stroker – to service either a man or a woman.

The angle and position of the pumping arm is fully adjustable, as is the speed of the thrusting motion.

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Apollo 2 Sex Machine for Men

apollo-alpha-strokerApollo Stroker 2 (£69)

The Apollo 2 is a revolutionary new sex machine for men that goes beyond mere masturbator and is actually a powerful vibrating tool that will wreak pleasurable havoc upon your penis!

This incredible machine has an amazing 30 different vibration settings and functions!

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Erotic Dream Bag Thrusting Sex Machine

erotic dream bagErotic Dream Bag (£499)

Nobody will suspect that this ‘weekend travel’ style bag harbours a powerful thrusting sex machine that could give any woman on Earth an explosive orgasm.

When armed with the attachable dildo, this machine can deliver an incredible 68 thrusts per minute.

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Inflatable Sex Cushion with Vibrator

Inflatable Sex MachineInflatable Sex Cushion Vibrator (£34.99)

If you’re looking for a sex machine type fuck at a cheap price then this might be your perfect choice.

Simply blow up the inflatable cushion, sit on it, and enjoy the wild ride that the vibrator will give  you.

Change the speed of the vibrating rubber dildo with the wired controller.  The cushion can handle up to 300 lbs in weight.

A great introduction to the world of female sex machines!

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SOM Rocket Sex Machine for Him

SOM Sex MachineSOM Rocket Sex Machine for Him – £349

The most powerful and advanced male sex machine in the universe is now available to buy in the UK via LoveHoney.  The SOM Rocket is aptly named as it can deliver an incredible 180 suck like thrusts every minute!  This is as good as it gets for men.  £300+ might sound a lot of money for a sex toy, even a sex machine, but the SOM delivers a sexual experience that goes well beyond what any woman is capable of giving you.  And once bought, it will do it for free, perfectly, and as many times as you can handle.

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Monkey Rocker Hybrid Sex Machine

Monkey Rocker Hybrid Sex MachineMonkey Rocker Hybrid Sex Machine – £599.99

What’s special about the Monkey Rocker Sex Machine for Women?  It’s both non-electrical, being made entirely from wood and steel, and near completely silent. 

It’s clever design allows it to operate in complete harmony with the simple up/down movements of your legs and hips.  Move your hips downards the dildo thrusts upwards. Move upwards and the dildo moves downwards.  The faster you go, the faster it goes.  It’s entirely up to you.

Because it has no electrical components, the Monkey Rocker is smaller than most powerful sex machines.  You can attach a huge number of different dildos or vibrators to it, including any Vac-U-Lock sex toys.

Click to buy the Monkey Rocker Hybrid Sex Machine with Free Delivery

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Ultimate Thrusting Sex Machine

Ultimate Thrusting Sex MachineUltimate Thrusting Sex Machine – £249.99

This Sybian style riding sex machine for women can deliver up to 360 thrusts per minute.  The saddle shaped machine is perfectly designed for seated comfort, whilst being able to enjoy the powerful thrusts from either of its two insertable dildos.

Operated by wireless remote control.  A great sex machine for your partner to operate – show hims he’s not completely redundant after all!  Of course, very easy to operate by oneself as well.

Only available to ship in the UK

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Wild Buck Vibrating Seat

wild buck vibrating seatWild Buck Vibrating Seat – £239.95

The Wild Buck is a powerful sex machine for women that manages to remain quiet and discreet in both operation and storage.

The dildo not only thrusts powerfully up and down but can also vibrate as well.  The power and vibration of the dildo can easily be controlled by remote control by yourself or even a partner.

Comes with three different dildos to use, all of which can be used seperately on their own!

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Magical Ball Sex Machine

Magical Ball Sex MachineMagical Ball Sex Machine – £199.99

The Magical Ball might not be as big or look as powerful as some sex machines for women, but believe me, at up to 360 RPM, this thing packs a punch!

The Magical Ball is a cleverly designed sex toy machine that is surprisingly easy to use.  The wireless remote control also makes it a perfect sex machine for couples – let your partner remotely pump you to orgasm!

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SOM Handjob Sex Machine

SOM Handjob Sex MachineSOM Handjob Sex Machine for Men – £349.99

The Japanese make the most incredible and unique sex toys for men in the entire world.  The SOM Handjob Machine is one of their most famous – and for a reason!

The realistic hand will milk your penis at up to 180 tugs per minute.  What’s more, the hand is flexible, which means that you can easily fit your favourite pocket pussy, such as the head honcho in it (Fleshlights will not fit however).  The ultimate in hands free masturbation!

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